Villages at Fiskville On-Site Fitness Center

If you’re looking for senior apartments with a fitness center, then be sure to schedule a tour of Villages at Fiskville. Our beautiful brand-new apartments are the perfect place for keeping social and staying active in your golden years.

The Villages at Fiskville provide a state-of-the-art fitness center on-site with a variety of exercise options for you to keep your regular workouts interesting. Our fitness center has treadmills and exercise bikes to boost your cardio activity. Whether you are comfortable getting some extra steps for a long walk on the treadmill or you’re up for a rigorous run, frequent use of the treadmill will support a healthy heart. For less stress on your joints, the exercise bike will be easier on your knees and hips while still providing the cardio stimulation your body needs. Grab a new neighbor and get moving!

Our senior apartments with a fitness center make it so easy to stay active! You’ll be able to create well-rounded workouts with cardio and strength training just a few minutes from your front door. The fitness center has many free weights for you to design a workout that suits your abilities. Play a quick YouTube workout video on your phone and you’ll have all the equipment you need! You’ll also find a weighted cable machine at our fitness center to work toward greater gains in muscle development. The constant tension the weighted cable machine provides will fatigue your muscles quicker but build more strength than free weights. The fitness center also has medicine balls and stability balls, so you will have endless options for your exercise routine!

While there are many benefits to staying active throughout your life, the Villages at Fiskville have options for socializing that will boost your mental wellbeing, too! The added health benefits of combining physical activity with mental stimulation will create a happier lifestyle. The Villages at Fiskville has other community amenities to keep you active as well, including an area with a patio and a refreshing swimming pool. Both spots could provide physical activity with a little bocce ball or a quick dip in the pool, but they are also hubs for the many wonderful residents of our rental community. Meet new friends while staying active while using a variety of our amenities!

View photos of our senior apartments with a fitness center and contact us today to schedule a tour. You’ll love creating new friendships and staying healthy at the Villages at Fiskville!